History of slot machines

The history of slot machines began a long time ago, with the gaming ground halls of the casino, where players of different ages, preferences, and wealth could try their chances and spin the reel, hoping for a win. However, the surrounding world was rapidly gaining momentum on the web and many large casinos began to make their own websites that gave great opportunities to each client. And of course, the Zodiac slots were among the first to win the recognition and love of the players.

In addition to the classic variants, more and more modernized slots began to appear, where you could notice a larger number of reels, as well as paylines and so on. After all, the Internet allowed us to introduce many varieties and produce new and high-quality slot machines. Thus, operators who created the same Zodiac casino online slots for various online casinos also gained fame.

What kind of slots can there be

Every year it is necessary to surprise players more and more, so slot machines are developing to offer more and more new variations and development of the gameplay. That is why, at the moment, slots can be divided into some subcategories and tell about each type of slot machine in more detail.

Classic Slots

These are exactly the Zodiac casino slots that we are all used to. 3 reels, standard winnings, fruits or any other graphics options. Such machines were found a long time ago in casino halls and of course still exist. After all, many players prefer confident and stable classics rather than innovations. Therefore, from time to time developers release classic slot machines for such players, in which there may be bets of different values. The same applies to different payouts.

Modern Slots

This is a type of slots that has started to be actively popularized on the Internet and online casinos. Because the developers began to expand the gaming possibilities that a regular slot can provide. Drums have started to be added, and now the common number of reels is 5. There are also different lines that give you additional bonuses, free game machine rolls and of course winnings.

Progressive Slots

It is also a fairly common type among modern slots in online casinos. Despite the fact that usually the RTP indicator in progressive slots is lower than in conventional or modern ones, but you can count on a big jackpot. And you don't even have to risk a lot of money to do this. Slots of this type can combine several into one jackpot. And making minimal bets, you will still have a chance that you will get the whole jackpot. Mega Moolah is considered to be among the most popular Zodiac slots, where the largest jackpots of several million dollars were most often won.

Developers of the best Online casino slots

Operators who supplied casino games existed before entering the online casino market. However, when gambling on the Internet began to gain popularity, brands also became more and more famous.

At the moment, there are many companies that are engaged in software, among them the most popular are:

  • Microgaming;
  • NetEnt;
  • RealTime Gaming;
  • Novomatic;
  • Nucleus Gaming.

Of course, this is not the whole list of developers, it will take a long time to list them all. However, the companies listed above are those whose games are considered excellent in quality, combine a high percentage of payouts, as well as amazing graphics and audio accompaniment.

Variety of slots at Zodiac Casino

At Zodiac Casino, most of the games are presented by Microgaming. The site conveniently sorted all the games by category and a separate one of them - slot machines. To choose the desired slot for yourself, you can pay attention to popular slots, you may also want to try out new versions of slot machines that have recently been released by the developer and the casino focuses a lot of attention on them. You can find on the website both standard slots and those in which you will have a great chance to get an impressive jackpot on your account and beat everyone in this way. 

The games that you will find on the Zodiac Casino website are distinguished by the quality and high RTP rate, which reaches 97% among the various regular slots that are available in the general library of games, as well as among the jackpot slots that players receive in progression, there RTP will have an indicator of 88%. 

It may seem to you that the RTP in progressive slot machines is underestimated, but you can be sure that given the huge amount of money that can be won in this way, 88% is considered a fairly large value and in many rival casinos such a percentage can be significantly lower if the casino also has jackpot games in its library. 

Play slots on the Zodiac casino website and you will definitely not remain indifferent to the most interesting gameplay.