Zodiac casino login

If you want to connect your life with gambling and the Zodiac casino login page, you should definitely create a personal account.  This allows you to access a large amount of content, as well as a variety of exclusive features. 

In addition to the fact that you register on such a successful platform, you also qualify for a bonus to start and become part of a huge cohesive community of players, joining an extensive loyalty program that extends to other casinos under the ownership of Apollo Ent. 

In order to join, you do not need a lot of time and a lot of complex actions. Let's take it in order, from the very first step, until the end of registration.

Getting started creating an account

On the Zodiac casino login Canada, you will easily find the join button, it will direct you to a separate page where registration will begin, and you will be asked to enter the main data to create a profile.  You will be greeted by several tables, the fields of which need to be filled in. Let's start with the first one. 

So, in the first table, the casino will be interested in your personal name and surname. Fill in according to your real data, because later you may need to confirm your documents so that there are no restrictions on financial transactions and the data that you enter now during registration must match. 

Also, the standard item, fill in the field of your mail. This is also necessary in order to confirm registration and in case of loss of the password, you will be able to restore it by mail. 

So, in the first table, you need to enter:

  • Your real name;
  • Your real last name;
  • Your email addresses.

After filling in these fields, double-check the correctness of the data and click “Next”, this will give us access to the following table.

The second step of registration

The following table, which must be filled in, is a confirmation of your age. It is very important that when registering, you are over 19 years old, otherwise problems may arise later, and you will not be able to participate in gambling and interact with Zodiac casino mobile login in any other way. After all, the casino adheres to the law and also sets its own rules that do not allow players under the age of 19 to access the site.

Do not forget that it is not necessary to indicate false information, because the casino has the right to request confirmation of your state-issued documents from you at any time. And of course effective in time. 

In addition to age, you will be asked about gender. This will not limit you in any way during the game. So, what needs to be entered in the second table:

  • Your real age;
  • Your gender.

Protecting your account

After you have entered your personal data, it remains to come up with a strong password to secure your account. Enter a password so that it is difficult to find it. And don't forget it yourself in Zodiac casino login.

Password requirements are from 4 to 20 characters, it is desirable that there is a different layout on the keyboard, that is, large and small letters. Add special characters or numbers as well, this will diversify your protection and complicate the selection of a password for intruders.

Address confirmation

After the basic account creation information is filled in, you will be asked to enter your actual residential address. This is necessary so that you can order a payment by check, for example. The casino also has the right to request confirmation of the address from you by means of a bank statement or a receipt for payment of utility bills, no later than 3 months from the moment when you confirm the address. 

You will be greeted by standard fields, by filling in which you will be able to advance further.

  • Your street and its number;
  • Your city;
  • Postal code;
  • Your country;
  • Your state, region;
  • The currency you will be playing with.

The final step of registration

The last item that is required to create an account is your phone number. Be sure to enter a valid number that belongs to you, and you always have access to it. You will need it to confirm payments, it can also be used to contact you or if you forgot the password to your account. 

It is worth noting that the number will already be with the code of your country that you entered earlier. Therefore, you will not be able to change the country code. Take this into account if you have a foreign phone number. 

Do not forget to check the box that you agree with all the rules of the casino and have read the policy. Not knowing the rules will not protect you from liability and may increase your risks when interacting with gambling.